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For years now the Microsoft Office suite of software has been a staple business tool for many companies – efficiently and effectively streamlining ‘office’ tasks and procedures, supporting the daily running of the organisation.

With the evolution of the business and technological environments, and flexible working practises, companies are now doing business in new ways, and they need up to date tools to help them maintain their competitive edge.

Office 365 is one such tool.

Office 365 is the same Microsoft Office toolkit we are all used to, but much improved and delivered in a way to facilitate the most flexible ways of working. Taking advantage of cloud technology, Office 365 is available for a monthly per user cost to all subscribers at any time, anywhere, on any device. This significantly reduces the upfront investment for businesses, and allows their employees to not only work from home or remote office locations, but to effectively take their desk with them wherever they need to do business.

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Office 365 not only includes the usual Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access and Outlook) but also a whole host of additional tools and applications that are perfectly suited to remote collaborative working, and easy team communication. With per user dedicated cloud storage, file sharing and synchronisation, online meetings, one-click screen sharing, instant messaging and video calling, shared calendars and team libraries, smoothly orchestrating a disparate team of colleagues has never been so simple.

Office 365 also has built-in security protocols, data encryption, remote data wiping capability (for lost/stolen devices) and permissions based data access – ensuring sensitive information is only available to the people you choose it to be. In addition, software always remains up to date so long as the subscription continues, with the latest versions available as soon as they come to market.

As with other cloud based solutions, there are further savings to the business as a whole – no server installation or upkeep is required, saving space and energy, as well as the ease of scaling up or down as business changes and fluctuates.

Our team at Ivy are skilled IT professionals with many years of business IT experience, and can advise you about the benefits and suitability of Office 365 for your business, including providing you with no obligation quotations and cost comparisons – speak to a member of the team today to find out more.

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