What Is Cloud Computing?

The term cloud computing is everywhere these days. But do you really understand what it is, what you can do with it, or the potential implications for your business?

Exactly what is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a product of the internet revolution – instead of business software being installed on your own computers or business servers software, applications and business tools can now be accessed over the internet. The actual application runs from a remote central server, and can be accessed by businesses worldwide through their preferred internet browser.

Is it safe?

Your data for any particular cloud application is stored in secure, remote data centres – and only your business can access it. By choosing your cloud solution providers wisely you will benefit from the superior data security protocols that these reputable corporations can easily afford – but that your business would otherwise find price prohibitive.

Benefits to your business

  • No more outlay for installing hardware, software or servers
  • No more server maintenance, monitoring or back up costs
  • Pay-as-you-go, or pay-per-user: you’re in control
  • Access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Flexibility to scale up or down on demand
  • Trusted security in the hands of specialists
  • Economy of scale as central resources are shared
  • Saves office space: no air conditioned computer room required
  • Saves money all round – particularly on energy costs

Some IT professionals are hesitant about cloud computing, fearing that data will be lost and they will have less control – but in reality it will make their departments more efficient.

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“Cloud computing opens an amazing opportunity for businesses willing to have their business solutions delivered faster and cheaper.”

Consider how cloud computing will provide a competitive advantage for your business – and read more about the type of cloud solutions available for your business here

Our experience working with integrated cloud services means that we have the knowledge to guide and advise you throughout your transition to the cloud – and teamed with one of our exceptional support packages, it means that we will always be on hand should you need us.

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