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We all rely on our accounting application to provide financial information. It’s one of our foundation building blocks for our business. When this is not available to us we feel lost – and it can cause added pressures and stress.

Our support is here to relieve that pressure. Our attitude to support whether Opera 3, Opera II or XRL is the same committed approach regardless of the size of your system – you may only have 1 user or 20 users – it really doesn’t matter to us.

“We believe support is a selective thing, it’s down to what is important to you…”

For us it is not about a quick fix and walking away, it is about finding out how you got to where you are and then getting you to where you need to be, so that you can carry on from there. We’d rather you called when you are unsure – a sort of pre-emptive support – as it is far better to spend a couple of minutes on the phone now, instead of hours to put the issue right later on – which may require restoring from a backup copy, or worst case scenario: entering the information again!

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There are many different types of support on offer from various companies, and they can have a one-size-fits-all mentality. We believe support is a selective thing, it’s down to what is important to you.Let us know what your priorities are as a business and we can tailor our support to meet your needs.

Pegasus support options can be for named users only, a helpdesk desk facility for all users of the system, Payroll only support, regular visits to site or any other combination that you need.

You may already have your edition of Opera supported by another company, but are not comfortable with what you are receiving – please call us on 01908 552900 or Contact Us to have a chat and see how we can help you.

Upgrading from Opera II to Opera 3?

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Considering upgrading to the latest award winning accounting software from Pegasus?
Read this informative guide.

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Need some training?

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We can create tailor-made training just for you - at your place or ours, even at your desk - for Opera II, Opera 3, Pegasus XRL, Microsoft Excel, SugarCRM and WordPress.

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