What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a user-friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that puts your customers at the centre of your business in one single system.

What can it do for you?

It enables you to carry out sales, marketing, support, service, admin and other business activities from one software interface. You can have any number of users so all your employees can have access to it and you are able to follow the status of any business activity. SugarCRM saves you time, increases productivity and improves your business quality.

Easy to use, automated and interactive

The modular system is easy to understand and use. Tabbed interfaces allow you to select what you want to do – schedule a call, meeting or activity, create a new customer or send a quote. SugarCRM enables you to assign tasks to members of your team and will automatically email them to let them know. You can create target lists for marketing campaigns that can be automatically activated on specific dates, and responses link directly back to SugarCRM. Reporting and summary charts are all automated at the touch of a button.


“SugarCRM can be accessed from any PC or remotely from any mobile device with internet access…”


As it is web-based, there are no big IT overheads. You only need a web browser and internet access to connect. SugarCRM can be accessed from any office PC or remotely from any mobile device with internet access, including iPads, Blackberrys, iPhones and androids, making it an ideal tool for your sales team. No need to return to the office to update records.

Low cost, secure, cloud data storage

Data can be stored on-site, or for more efficiency can be stored remotely and securely in the cloud. This reduces costs and removes the burden of backing-up data and virus checking since these functions becomes the responsibility of a remote vendor.

Open source customisation, editions to fit your business size

SugarCRM is available in 4 editions – Professional, Corporate, Enterprise and Ultimate, so one of these is going to be ideal for the size of your business. They use flexible open source technologies, making it easy to customise to your specific needs.

At Ivy we know that your business is unique so we take the time to understand your day to day operations. Only then will we customise SugarCRM applications to suit, and configure it into your business. We will get you up and running in no time.

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