SugarCRM Training

Grappling with new software and digesting a massive user manual is not much fun, particularly if you don’t work in IT.

Ivy is an authorised teaching partner of SugarCRM and will smooth over the learning process by offering full training – it comes with the package. Our training consultants are here to ensure that you maximise the potential of SugarCRM.

Up and running from day one

There is no point having such a remarkable system like SugarCRM in your business if your employees are struggling to use it. Ivy is committed to getting your whole company up and running in minimal time. Some clients require only basic training since the software is very intuitive. Others require a more personalised training schedule.

In-house, individual or grouped, made-to-measure

Ivy will deliver training directly to your end-users to underpin the internal processes within your business. These training sessions can be in small groups or to individuals; at your office or ours, – you decide.  We are even happy to work with you at your desk. Training is a continual process until your system is efficiently used.

Re-training and refreshers

From time to time your users may require re-training. For example new modules may have been added or the system reconfigured, or maybe you have new employees. Our Ivy consultants will plan, prepare and deliver a course around their needs.

Call them on 01908 552900 or Contact Us to discuss.

Since Ivy is a SugarCRM partner, all our clients have access to their website. Here you will find further useful training videos, webinars, demo’s and documentation.

Your tailored training package may include any or all of the following:

  • SugarCRM ‘The Basics’
  • The Sales Process, Suspects, Leads and Opportunities
  • Quotations and Products
  • Contract Management and Billing
  • Time and Case Management
  • Target List Preparation
  • Email Templates
  • Email Campaigns and Results
  • SugarCRM ‘In more depth’



Exclusive SugarCRM Applications

We have developed a number of exclusive add-on applications for our SugarCRM clients. Find out what we could do for you.

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The Integration Revolution

Too many different systems, churning out different data? Let us help you to integrate your databases and gain synchronisation.

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