Sales Automation

Any business with an active sales force will understand the problems associated with keeping track of prospects, leads, opportunities, quotes, contracts etc.


SugarCRM is the perfect automated solution, handling simple everyday repetitive tasks, so you can spend more time in front of your customers and keep the whole sales team in the loop. But SugarCRM does a whole lot more. This is the end of spreadsheets, business cards and scribbled messages.

Manage customer relationships in a single application

Each stage in the buying process from prospect to lead, opportunity to customer is tracked automatically in SugarCRM. Orders received are processed quickly and completed work invoiced at the touch of a button. The sales team all share the same data and are in control of the whole sales process. They can track open, running and pending contracts and set up review date reminders. SugarCRM keeps the customer happy and optimises the business relationship with the sales team.

Easy to use, personalised and mobile

Each user can personalise their own ‘home page’ to display dashlets of information relevant to themselves and their part in the sales process. This could include activities for the day, calls to make, campaigns to activate or charts of work in progress. The sales person can have all this information on one screen and can track the status at anytime from anywhere; whether in the office, with a customer or at home using a mobile device.


SugarCRM Multi Devices

Shared documents and information

The calendar facility in SugarCRM enables Sales Managers to see what their teams are up to, invite them to meetings, allocate tasks and see them completed. As all functions are synchronised, data is always up to date.  Documents and presentations can be shared internally through a shared knowledge space so everyone has access to sales and marketing material.

Reporting made simple

The process of gathering information for a report becomes redundant with SugarCRM. Reports are automated and can be generated at any time in the sales process keeping the Sales Manager in control and relieving the sales team of time- consuming up-dates. SugarCRM  produces detailed dashlet displays of sales funnels, graphs and charts which are easily dropped into reports and provide a consistency of quality.



Ivy Fully Managed Service

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Let us be your *IT people*!
We can manage, maintain and support all your IT systems, so that you don't have to.

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Ivy Link Automated Billing Application

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The Integration Revolution

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