Online Purchase Orders

Do you have members of your team who need to place orders with suppliers? Whether that be for parts, stationery, or in fact anything the business needs?

Here at Ivy we have developed our own exclusive Purchase Order system as an add-on application for our SugarCRM clients.

Raise, authorise and track Purchase Orders, all within SugarCRM.

Ivy’s Purchase Order Application for SugarCRM provides a structure to enter and track just such orders, it has a workflow process whereby a user can submit a Purchase Order that then has to be authorised by a designated user with the appropriate authority.

The Purchase Order can be printed and saved as a pdf document. It will have a Draft background until authorised. Used in conjunction with the Sales Orders and Contracts Application it provides the ability to track Purchase Orders raised against specific work carried out.

Analysis and VAT Codes, ranging from Standard Rate to Zero Rate, can be allocated on each order line and the amount of VAT calculated automatically. The codes can be entered and maintained manually or using our Accounts Link Application. This provides integration with your accounts system.

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Ivy Fixed Price Support

sunflower hotspotGive yourself peace of mind that help is always at hand should your IT systems fail for any reason.

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Market Leading IT Security

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Ivy have partnered with world-class IT security providers Fortinet to offer you the very best protection on the market.

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