Online Expenses

Complete expense claims easily and efficiently with our Expenses Application that conforms to the latest HMRC regulations.

Do you have that end of the month rush to get everyone to do their expenses?

Each month we experience the same stress of needing to complete our expenses. This issue can be compounded when people work remotely and rarely visit the office; the existing methods are not satisfactory or take ages to decipher when they arrive as they are in different formats and inconsistent.

Do we persevere because we haven’t found an easy solution to replace the endless Excel spread sheets that we love to hate?  We don’t help ourselves – we leave it until the last possible moment then scrabble around looking for where we went and what we bought. 

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A solution is at hand.

Our Sugar Online Expenses Application allows you to update your expenses as you go in a structured format. As an online service you can access it via an internet connection from your laptop or smart device. When working in conjunction with your Sugar Calendar you will be able to tell where you were on a particular day, ideal if you have a busy schedule.

Enter a description for your claim, a cost or the type of mileage, whether this is car, car and passenger or even bike. Using Companies within Sugar, the record related to your visit can even hold the mileage to that location providing consistency for mileage claims.

It will calculate the amount of VAT on your claim with a list of Tax Codes ranging from Standard Rate to Zero Rate. These can be maintained by your Accounts System using our Accounts Link Application. An Analysis Code can also be used in line with your Accounting Software for reporting and integration between this and SugarCRM.


Our application includes a process to enable your claims to be submitted and authorised. Complete the details of your claim and submit it. Your claim can then be checked and authorised by those with the relevant role within Sugar.

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