Microsoft Partner Silver Midmarket Solution Provider





As a Microsoft Midmarket Solutions Partner we provide the peace of mind to you of having a supplier who has expertise to provide high level installations, development capability and support for a complete business solution and surrounding infrastructure, be it in-house or Cloud based.

Here at Ivy we are specialists in:

Microsoft Infrastructure

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft SBS Standard and Premium
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Hyper V
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Desktop Solutions

  • Microsoft Windows 7 & 8
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Professional
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Business
  • Microsoft Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Project, Word and Visio

Microsoft Licences

  • Microsoft Volume Licences
  • Microsoft Downloads and Boxed Products

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Cloud Computing

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Don't have your head in the clouds - but do make sure you are making the best use of new cloud technologies to enhance the way you work.

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Critical Data Backup

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Would your business survive if your critical data was stolen, hacked or corrupted? We can ensure you are always doubly covered.

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Need some training?

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We can create tailor-made training just for you - at your place or ours, even at your desk - for Opera II, Opera 3, Pegasus XRL, Microsoft Excel, SugarCRM and WordPress.

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