Opera II

Pegasus Opera 2


The forerunner to the latest version, Opera II remains a good solid accounting and financials software package.

There are many companies who use this software everyday, and here at Ivy we understand that you may not wish to upgrade to the latest version whilst this software continues to serve all your needs. 

Therefore we are able to offer your company on-going support packages and annual maintenance contracts for Opera II, ensuring that that you retain and maintain all the functionality that your business may need, and we are pleased to say that as yet there has been no end of life date announced for this product.

Whilst Opera II is no longer available to purchase as a new product, we can still supply existing users with any of the additional modules that are available, to enhance your current system, including:

  • Payroll & HR
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Service & Helpdesk
  • Document Management
  • Manufacturing Module
  • Construction Module
  • Business Intelligence Tools – including, Pegasus XRL, Executive Dashboards & PIM.

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To find out more about these modules, please view the original Opera II product brochure here.

In addition to this, because of our experience and development skills, we can also offer client customisations to existing Opera II installations; meaning that the application works the way that you want it to, and not the other way about.

Upgrading to Opera 3

For those wishing to upgrade to Opera 3 there are incentives available from time to time to help you do this, please Contact Us for details of any current offers. And you can also read about all the features and benefits you could reap from upgrading, with the Opera 3 Upgrade Guide here.

Pegasus XRL Reporting

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Opera 3

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Pegasus Offers & Finance

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Find out how Pegasus can assist you with the cost of upgrading your accounting solution to the award-winning Opera 3.

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