Pegasus Development

Here at Ivy Limited we pride ourselves in getting to know your business and providing you with relevant software that works the way you do.


By getting to know you, and the way you work, our development specialists can help you to design a customised financials package, with all the bits you need, but without the pieces that you don’t. We have customised software for clients that have particular industry requirements, and we offer that skill to you also.

With Pegasus Accounting Software you get the reassurance of knowing that you are buying one of the best financial software suites on the market – without being restricted to an off-the-shelf solution that doesn’t flex with your needs. We are also skilled at integrating different business software solutions, to which Pegasus Opera lends itself particularly well, so that you do not end up with different databases that cannot “talk” to each other. We can help to ensure that all your data is synchronised.

So, if you have a particular business need that is not fulfilled by other financial packages, talk to us, and see how we can bring about the functionality that you require. Call us on 01908 552900 or Contact Us.

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