Opera 3 Subscription

Are you wanting to install the very best in accounting and integrated software for your business, but concerned about the initial financial outlay?

Pegasus Accounting Software recognise how important it is to ensure that your business investments realise the very best value for you in this current economic climate, and in response to this have introduced a new way to access their fantastic integrated business solution, Opera 3.

Opera 3 Subscription is a way of installing the full Opera 3 software for your business, but paying for it in manageable monthly payments. You still get exactly the same full functionality, just as if you had purchased the software in full and upfront, you can still choose which additional modules you may or may not require, and of course by using us here at Ivy as your Pegasus Partner you still get the very best support options too.

How does it work?

As a new Opera 3 client, you decide whether you want to take a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year term license, and then whether you wish to have the software deployed on your own server, or access it via the cloud – a useful option if you have employees that regularly work from home or on the road.


Just as with the original Opera 3 deployment, you have all the flexibility you could want. If you need to add additional users, or wish to have additional modules at a later date, these can be added as and when you require them (obviously with an adjustment to your regular payments).

Full Support

An annual maintenance contract will be built into your subscription package – meaning that you will be entitled to free software upgrades for the term of your agreement, ensuring that your software remains completely up to date with all enhancement and maintenance releases. In addition to this, here at Ivy we never leave our clients high and dry, and we will offer you access to user support, development and training options, to ensure that you get the very best from your software.


So why should you choose Opera 3 Subscription? Well, we think ‘Why not?’. You get everything that you would have received if you paid for Opera 3 in full and upfront, except the invoice! By taking a term license you are spreading the financial outlay, you are gaining a much quicker return on your investment, and helping to maintain your bottom line at the same time. After all, what else should a top financials package do for your business, if not help out with the cashflow!

Next Steps

Whenever you are considering installing a new software system for your business you should always speak to the experts first – so if you think that Opera 3 could be the solution for you then give us call on 01908 552900 or Contact Us to discuss all the options available. We offer a full consultancy service to help you to decide exactly what solution is best for your business, just how it should be deployed and how it can be integrated with any other systems that you may be running.

To read the Opera 3 Subscription brochure from Pegasus, click here

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