Farewell to Microsoft Windows XP

As most of you are aware, Microsoft officially stopped supporting their Windows XP operating system on 8th April 2014. After 12 years this has been the longest supported Microsoft release, and proved the most popular among many small and medium sized business owners. But sadly all good things must come to an end… We are very ... Read more >


Fears of IT Outages and Cyber Attacks

With IT being such an integral part or our daily lives it probably comes as no surprise to discover that business owners worldwide all agree that they are more worried about IT outages, cyber attacks and internet security issues in relation to their business activities than they are about industrial disputes or natural disasters. According to ... Read more >


Pegasus Updates 2014

Pegasus have recently released their annual product updates for their accounting softwares, including the Payroll 2014 update. We are happy to say that update packs have now been dispatched to all our clients, and if not on your desks already, then they should be very shortly. If you haven’t received your pack by Friday 28th February ... Read more >


Trade in Sage for Pegasus Opera and get a great discount!

Sage users will be aware that Sage announced ‘end of life’ and the withdrawal of support for some of it’s accounting software packages last year – and this may have caused concern about the longevity of more recent versions in the minds of other users. Ivy Limited is a Pegasus Software Partner of long standing, and ... Read more >


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