Security Overview

Could your employees be putting your business at risk by opening malicious email attachments or downloading spyware from seemingly innocent websites?

Not to be taken lightly

Taking security shortcuts are risky and cost you much more than you might think. It’s not just about corrupted data, deleted files or lost information, it’s also about losing customers, money, time, confidence and reputation. Protecting your business, your employees and customers from risk is your responsibility. At Ivy we have a very strong security solution and believe that Unified Threat Management is the answer.                                                                      

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Today network boundaries have become blurred with the rise of mobile devices and a mobile workforce. New attacks can now come from almost anywhere and are getting more difficult to track.  Who knows what threats there might be in the future?

A traditional response to new threats has been to add stand-alone security whenever technology changes. However, because these are not integrated with existing products, there is the potential for blind spots in security where threats can pass undetected. UTM creates an integrated environment where all network security falls beneath a single umbrella. It consolidates all traditional and next-generation firewall functions into a single device. UTM enables security to change and adapt to protect against new threats. It also eliminates redundant and ineffective filtering, resulting in improved control and performance.

Components of UTM include:

  • Firewall technology
  • Application control
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Web content filtering
  • Anti-spam filtering
  • Anti-virus technology (spyware, trojans, worms, malware etc)
  • Data loss/leakage prevention
  • Traffic shaping/bandwidth control


The Integrated, flexible approach to security

UTM offers the integration of all the components above into a single consolidated product. This efficiency reduces the cost of paying for many different software packages. Essentially UTM brings order to the chaos of security. Not every business requires every technology in a UTM device but there is a built-in ability to deploy as many or as few technologies as it needs. This flexibility eliminates the need to purchase additional modules as the company’s security requirements change over time. Adding and removing features and real-time updates are simply just a few mouse clicks away.

How Ivy can provide security for all your systems

Ivy will assess your whole business security needs and install the correct level of security for you. We will advise you on the best features of UTM to utilise, and recommend security products for you as an on-premise solution, in the cloud or wherever you need it.

Ivy is an authorised distributor for Fortinet®, experts in Unified Threat Management. We are also an authorised distributor and partner of GFI®. We fully trust all security solutions we recommend having tried and tested all products thoroughly.  

At Ivy we will monitor the systems we install for you and update or upgrade when necessary giving you the confidence that you have the most up to date technology and are securely armed for future security threats wherever they may come from.

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"We do not quibble over the difference between hardware and software – if you have a problem with any computer system, it is our mission to resolve it, regardless of the source of the trouble."

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