Avaya Telephony

Put simply, Avaya is a global business provider of communication systems.

It delivers desktop devices like digital phones, IP desk phones, switchboards, consoles, handsets and video conferencing devices. Avaya makes your communication tools work together with your business so that you get more done.

Transform your business communications

We are living in the communication age where instant connectivity whenever and wherever we are is paramount. Avaya can transform your business with improved productivity and responsiveness. It can streamline all your communication processes; improve your customer relationships and ultimately your competitiveness.

Avaya just makes talking so easy!”

Mobility and flexibility – business on the go

Mobility of communication is changing our businesses today.  Our workforces have come out of the office and are mobile. Can your telephone system handle the increased communication capacity required? Ivy can assist by providing you with Avaya IP wireless phones for those on the move in larger premises; for example on a campus, warehouse floor or on a factory site. These phones can also be integrated with SugarCRM so your employees have contact information and customer status at their fingertips.

Avaya telephone systems can make any phone an extension of the office phone system, complete with call handling and speed dialling. This makes the option of home or remote working an easy alternative. Instead of handing out your personal number, when your customer calls you at home all they need is your office number.

Seamlessly integrated collaboration

Avaya offers you seamless access to the same interfaces and corporate resources as all your employees. The Avaya solutions can integrate voice, video and company data, enabling you to communicate and exchange ideas in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction.  You will be able to reply to an email with your voice, turn an individual call to a conference call or answer your desk phone from the airport.

Avaya also offers an open software platform for integration with developing applications such as Sugar CRM and Pegasus. When communication tools work together, you get more done.

Ivy and Avaya

At Ivy, we have been using Avaya technology for years. We know all about its functionality and have tested the flexibility and durability of its products. Whatever your requirements, Avaya has the solution – one to fit your specific needs. At Ivy, we will only install a system that we have thoroughly tried out and found to be reliable.

We believe in ‘making it all work together’. So we take time to understand your existing business and telephone systems and work to integrate new ones with you, to deliver a better more efficient one with the flexibility to grow as your business grows.

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