What do we mean by Infrastructure?

Simply put, Infrastructure is the total of all the components needed to deliver IT services to a customer and is the driving platform behind any business. It consists of 3 parts: Hardware, Software and Services. Of these, hardware is the foundation upon which the others are built.

The hardware you need…..

So we know we’re talking about computers here, yes?  Well there’s a lot more to it. At Ivy we know that hardware is more than just a network of servers delivering data to desktop PC’s.  It’s also about the physical equipment and systems which are used to connect computers to the internet and their users. This includes transmission devices, cables, routers, modems, switches, hubs and wireless internet connections, just to name a few.

At Ivy we can also provide you with business hardware such as laptops, tablets, phones, printers and projectors, whatever you need.

Ivy and Infrastructure

At Ivy, our expertise is making it all work together. We have a team of IT professionals who will advise you on your hardware. We can install a complete IT infrastructure for your business, build up a secure system network and install the latest in hardware technology. If you already have an efficient infrastructure we can help maintain and monitor it, or provide advice and support to your in-house team.

Our expertise is making it all work together

Ivy will lead you through the options available to fully integrate your infrastructure to deliver a seamless business operation. We take the time to understand how your users execute their jobs. We will customise your infrastructure to suit your business requirements and the way you work – not the other way round.

System Integration

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Too many different systems, churning out different data? Let us help you to integrate your databases and gain synchronisation.

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IT Solutions from Ivy

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Let us realise a potential in your IT systems that is far greater than the sum of it's parts.

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Critical Data Backup

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Would your business survive if your critical data was stolen, hacked or corrupted? We can ensure you are always doubly covered.

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