The day to day demands of running your business can mean that important issues like the company website is overlooked. When was the last time you reviewed the content of your website?  

Would you like to amend information yourself at the drop of a hat?

Just having a presence on the internet is not enough in today’s competitive world. You could be missing valuable business opportunities. Ivy can implement your website with WordPress and give you the freedom to update your webpages yourself.

At Ivy we believe in ‘making it all work together’ in a business model that integrates your website with your emails, databases, accounting, CRM functions and social media. Your website is more than a source of information; it is the public portal to all your business activities and you need to be in control of it.

Integrate your website

If you feel it is time to update your website, Ivy can work with your ideas and designs, and implement a brand new one for you with a fresh image. We have the expertise to do all the technicalities and help get your content online, rescuing you from impersonal and unreliable web hosting and improve traffic to your website.

We have experience in using WordPress, an open source blogging, website and content management tool. It features plug-in architecture giving users additional features that extend beyond the base installation, allowing limitless design possibilities. It allows you to add widgets like sidebars, slideshows, videos, weblinks or shopping carts. It also supports many users and bloggers per installation.

WordPress puts you in control of your webpages

Ivy can assist you in getting started, build your base design, standardise your formatting and manage linkages to social media and other websites. We can also improve your search engine optimisation and give you statistics on website hits, frequency and which pages your visitors look at. We can also advise on your cookies policy and provide secure backup for your WordPress files and database.

Once you are up and running, WordPress gives you total control over your website and enables you to make simple regular updates yourself. The website you are reading this on, is a WordPress theme that detects which device you are using; laptop, PC, phone, tablet or whatever, and adjusts the website to fit accordingly, so you only enter your content in one place.

We have gained considerable experience during the design and implementation of this and many other websites. Why not give us the chance to demonstrate our expertise, help you revitalise your company and put you in control of your website.

Call us on 01908 552900 or Contact Us to discuss this in more detail.

Ivy Fully Managed Service

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Let us be your *IT people*!
We can manage, maintain and support all your IT systems, so that you don't have to.

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Our support philosophy...

"We do not quibble over the difference between hardware and software – if you have a problem with any computer system, it is our mission to resolve it, regardless of the source of the trouble."

Dan Brett, Technical Director

The Integration Revolution

Too many different systems, churning out different data? Let us help you to integrate your databases and gain synchronisation.

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